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CPE Deployment

Customer premises equipment (CPE) includes any service provider equipment that is located on the customer's premises. It might include telephones, cable TV boxes, routers and other equipment. CPE deployment services are ... [Read More]

DHCP Engineers

A DHCP Engineer (dynamic host client protocol) is an IT professional usually involved in the maintenance of the connectivity of network for an organization. Engineers play a vital role to implement ... [Read More]

NOC engineer salary

Responsibilities of the NOC Engineer NOC Engineers resolve any issues related to the servers, networks and telecommunications by consistently troubleshooting and monitoring. The skills required for a NOC, or Network ... [Read More]

what is a help desk technician

Common examples of tasks undertaken by an IT help desk technician include: Providing assistance to customers who experience technical problems. Most commonly, this involves either telephone or online communication. ... [Read More]