Cyber Security Challenges

Serverless Apps Vulnerability

Serverless architecture and apps is an application which depends on third-party cloud infrastructure or on a back-end service such as google cloud function, Amazon web services (AWS) lambda, etc. The serverless apps invite the cyber attackers to spread threats on their system easily because the users access the application locally or off-server on their device. Therefore it is the user responsibility for the security precautions while using serverless application.

The serverless apps do nothing to keep the attackers away from our data. The serverless application doesn't help if an attacker gains access to our data through a vulnerability such as leaked credentials, a compromised insider or by any other means then serverless.

We can run software with the application which provides best chance to defeat the cybercriminals. The serverless applications are typically small in size. It helps developers to launch their applications quickly and easily. They don't need to worry about the underlying infrastructure. The web-services and data processing tools are examples of the most common serverless apps.

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